Handy Tips to Boost Your Sales Using Google Shopping Campaigns


Increase sales and increase profits! That’s probably on the minds of all online retailers these days…

The big question is that how to drive people to visit their product pages, which will probably convert into sales and profits.

Organic SEO has become very competitive and PPC ads that are purely text based don’t attract so much of attention resulting into genuine clicks leaving out other methods that can’t be accurately measured or analysed – say for instance, television ads, magazine and newspaper ads, though, they are quite useful for brand building.

Here comes the importance of PLAs (Product Listing Ads) – this is Google’s method to advertise your products. Remember, it does not advertise your business, just your products.

You can make use of PLAs which can be managed right from your Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns,which will help you to drive more relevant traffic to your product pages resulting in more sales and generating more revenues.The time is about ripe to know about Product Listing Ads and how they can assist you to boost up your sales.

First, let’s understand what Product Listing Ads are?
Well, if you have searched for any product over Google’s search engine, you may have come across ads that include image and name of the product, pricing or special promotional offer price,a store’s brand name and product’s ratings.Here, let’s take an example to understand it better. Suppose, you have made a search for product “Pressure Cleaners”, you will get the following results. In this search result, you’ll see that on the right side of the screen Product Listings Ads appear.


As a pleasant surprise, at times, on top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)- these PLAs show up (as in below example). Notice how both PPC Text Ads, as well as Organic SEO listings, are displayed below the PLAs for the search term “box trailers”.


PLAs were an independent product previously; however, they are now incorporated into Shopping Campaigns. As a result, online merchants/retailers can now explore this new advertising avenue to boost up their product sales.

Right from your AdWords account you can control your inventory (stock)
It will enable you to better organise your bidding on products. For instance, if you’re selling trailers, you can create a group and make campaigns for the different types of trailers you wish to advertise.

You can either target individual products or product groups 
You can make use of elements obtained from your product data accessible within AdWords to create product groups. Once you have created product groups, you can bid on individual products within the group or the entire product groups.

Powerful reporting tools are within your fingertips
In order to pull out the data essential to enhance your campaigns, you’ll require reports that facilitate you to filter and manage. With this powerful reporting tools, you can do it all with the utmost ease.

Easily compare and evaluate your campaigns with the industry
You can get to know about your industry benchmarks with the help of this Shopping Campaigns. What’s more, you can compare and evaluate your strategies with competitors’ share of impressions, standard open rates and average cost per click.

Advertise your product with special offers to attract customers’ attention
This flexibility of displaying special offers into the Shopping Ads is really a good opportunity for online retailers to get hold of their customers’ attention. The capability of showcasing special offers helps online retailers in the following ways:

  • Motivate potential customers to visit their websites.
  • Differentiate themselves from other merchants selling identical products.

Just glance over the below illustration where it’s quite clear that the advertisement of Saks Fifth Avenue stands out from the rest because they have displayed the special offer on the SERP.These days, it’s quite common to offer free shipping and many online retailers offer it as well, but displaying it out there on the SERP gives an edge over the others. Thus, here the special offer display grabs the attention of the search engine visitors instantaneously.


Product Ratings
Product reviews matter as it provides useful information to the customers to make purchase decisions. It also assists online retailers (merchants) to steer more relevant traffic to their websites. Google now shows product ratings on Product Listing Ads to assist online shoppers to easily find this bit of information.A product rating is given on the basis of a 5-star rating system wherein total customer reviews are taken into account. Then after these product ratings are displayed on product listing ads.


Excited and want to implement it! It’s easy; we’ll walk you through the simple steps. Get started right away…
The whole procedure to setup is quite easy. You’ll need to take care of few components before your ads start showing up on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

1. Sign Up for a Merchant Account
The first thing you need to do is to set up your Merchant Centre by signing up for one. You can then upload all your products (product data) to Google Merchant Centre. It will hold all the products that you sell on your website. Additionally, you’ll have to create a link between the Merchant Centre and your website which will facilitate to automatically add your inventory (stock) to AdWords.

2. Create Google Product Feed
Secondly, you’ll require creating product feed with the list of products that precisely make use of groupings of attributes that systematically define each one of your products in a distinctive way.

3. AdWords
This is the last step in the setup procedure before you can start creating your ad campaigns.What you need to do is link your AdWords account with your Merchant Centre.

4. Campaigns
Now that you’re all set you can set up your campaigns and begin advertising.The entire procedure is complex and too long to be included in this post. However, you can get detailed information from Google’s official guide.

Concluding Words
All online retailers like the idea of generating more sales and revenues. These days, it has become increasingly difficult to drive qualified traffic to the product pages using organic search engine optimization methods as well as other traditional advertising methods.

Without a doubt, through Google’s Shopping Campaigns, online retailers get a new opportunity to advertise their products. If you are able to manage your Google’s Shopping Campaigns well enough, it can become one of the major advertising platforms for E-commerce stores.

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